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Three Critical Capabilities Needed To Accelerate Cleanroom Project Delivery

Jan 25, 2021 | Cleanroom Blog, Cleanroom News

Cleanroom Project Delivery

Accelerate your cleanroom project with these three critical capabilities

Precision Cleanrooms provides custom-built production environments for critical markets requiring accelerated cleanroom project delivery to meet aggressive deadlines.

Precision Cleanrooms recognizes an industry pattern entering into 2021…there is a clear rise in demand for rapid-deployed modular cleanroom project delivery across the United States. Two contributing factors to this increased demand are: a surge in the developments of vaccines, therapeutics and PPE, and a general push for more domestic manufacturing.

Our customers, who manufacture critical products such as: vaccines, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and microelectronics are building cleanrooms at a rate that is beginning to impact the cleanroom industry as a whole. The increase in demand is leading to longer lead times for cleanroom components and equipment. This has urged Precision Cleanrooms to develop accelerated project delivery capabilities within our business to ensure successful and timely delivery.

Accelerated project delivery capabilities are essential in today’s cleanroom market. Three critical capabilities to accelerate project delivery are: (1) strong design and engineering capability, (2) a schedule-focused operations team, and (3) tight alliances with supplier and subcontractor partners.

Strong Design and Engineering Capability

As project schedules become tighter, engineering and design efficiency becomes more vital because less time is being allowed up-front for this work to be done. Precision Cleanrooms has invested time and resources into standardizing our cleanroom design methodologies to help us turn around our designs faster. Precision Cleanrooms also utilizes the following software tools to speed up our design and review process: Procore, Revit, AutoCAD, Microsoft Projects, and Bluebeam.

Schedule-Focused Operations Team

A schedule-focused operations team is also needed to accelerate project delivery. Our operations team takes the time up-front to build a solid master schedule that clearly identifies the critical path. The critical path is followed by the whole project team. The schedule is task-driven so the completion of certain scheduled tasks triggers other tasks. For example, approval of drawings and submittal leads to pulling permits, which leads to ordering materials. Procore Construction Management Software connects all stakeholders and schedules across the project lifecycle, helping to keep your cleanroom project on time and on budget.

Tight Alliances with Supplier and Subcontractor Partners

Precision Cleanrooms has spent over thirty years in the cleanroom industry networking and building relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors. We make use of our strong network when time is of the essence for our clients. Our vast network of subcontractors also helps us to accelerate cleanroom projects. In many cases, we can work with subcontractors whom we’ve successfully worked with in the past, having familiarity with our processes and project guidelines.

A design/build cleanroom project approach allows for one source to control the most important aspects of the project which are: the budget, the project schedule, and the overall build quality. Contact us today to discuss your next cleanroom project.

How Precision Cleanrooms is helping companies rapidly build custom cleanroom production environments in 2021:

  • Turnkey Cleanroom Services – Design/Build
  • Fast-Track Cleanroom Construction
  • Guaranteed Regulatory Compliance
  • Cleanroom Monitoring & Control Systems
  • New Construction and Retrofits
  • Engineering Expertise
  • BIM Coordination