Is your Cleanroom Supplier Fit for Purpose?

Apr 26, 2023 | Cleanroom Blog, Cleanroom News

Cleanroom Supplier fit for purpose

Is Your Cleanroom Supplier Fit For Purpose?

Protect your investment with a cleanroom supplier that truly knows your industry and understands the intricacies of your production requirements.

The cleanroom industry has experienced explosive growth in 2020. Analysts predict that this growth will continue exponentially into 2021 as many organizations seek domestic supply chains that can withstand the impact of global and political unrest, pandemic or otherwise. As companies evaluate tough decisions, such as: to expand their manufacturing and production capabilities, or to localize their supply chain, it is important to understand the various scope of products and services provided by the different cleanroom suppliers within the industry. Selecting the right cleanroom partner whose capabilities align with the needs of the project is critical for a successful outcome.

Some cleanroom suppliers operate strictly as component manufacturers. For example, companies that produce their own modular wall panels. There are many modular wall panel manufacturers available in the marketplace, however, not all panel systems are created equal. Different industries and applications will have varying levels of regulations, which make some panels better suited for certain applications. Component manufacturers typically rely on cleanroom design/build firms for their design, engineering and installation services.

In other cases, some cleanroom suppliers operate as distributors of cleanroom components, having relationships with various component providers, such as: HEPA filter suppliers, cleanroom ceiling system suppliers, cleanroom door suppliers, etc. These companies are typically able to supply all of the materials needed for a complete cleanroom system. Some distributors also offer installation services of their components. Distributors however are often limited to the materials with which they have contractual relationships, so they likely will be more limited in their offerings. Distributors are more product-focused and seldom have the engineering capabilities to design and integrate custom MEP systems into the cleanroom solution.

It is important to understand the cleanroom industry to make an informed decision as to who to partner with on your next cleanroom project. Precision Cleanrooms is neither a manufacturer of any components, nor a distributor. We have a vast supplier network and can select the appropriate materials for our customers’ application. With our in-house engineering and project management resources, we provide a comprehensive, consultative design/build cleanroom solution, customized to meet the regulatory and performance requirements of any industry.

Precision Cleanrooms’ turnkey cleanroom offering covers the entire cleanroom implementation process, from concept to certification. With extensive cross-market industry knowledge, our engineering, design and project management teams ensure that your cleanroom exceeds your expectations for quality and service, meeting all of your regulatory requirements.

Looking to implement a new modular cleanroom facility? Have questions about the design and implementation process?

Contact us to speak to our experts who truly understand your industry’s requirements. We partner with you to plan, design and commission a modular cleanroom environment, utilizing the components that are right fit for your application.