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Driving Efficiency with Procore Construction Management Software

Apr 19, 2021 | Cleanroom Blog, Cleanroom News

Procore Construction Management

Precision Cleanrooms Adopts Procore Construction Management Software

Procore Construction Management Software has helped Precision cleanrooms Increase efficiency with greater access to data and analytics, streamlining and expediting the cleanroom design, build and commissioning process.


With the unprecedented increase in new cleanroom requisitions in 2020, Precision Cleanrooms aimed to increase quality, efficiency and decrease time to commissioning, ensuring every project is on budget and exceeds customer expectations. Procore Construction Management Software has allowed Precision Cleanrooms to serve a greater number of customers all while providing the same outstanding levels of quality, safety and service.

Procore’s cloud-based platform organizes and stores data from our entire portfolio of cleanroom projects, allowing us to leverage the data within Procore’s tools to improve cleanroom project and process outcomes. Procore serves as our single source of truth, aggregating data which allows us to scale our operations, provide greater control and project governance, ensuring that each cleanroom project is delivered on time, on budget, and exceeds expectations for quality and service.

Project management – On schedule. On budget.

The Procore Project Management platform connects our teams and project data so we can make better decisions faster. Procore stores all of our project data in one place, allowing us to seamlessly collaborate and deliver turnkey design/build cleanroom projects on time and on budget, delivering on the strictest protocols for cleanliness, safety and service.


The benefits of Procore Construction Management Software – Serving every constituent in the cleanroom development process

Project Managers

Project managers streamline communication between project teams, subcontractors, office and the customer, mitigating the risk of building from out-of-date plans or specs. Cleanroom project delivery is accelerated with streamlined approvals, cost tracking and real time budget tracking.

Architects & Engineers

Procore gives us the ability to share real-time information – like spec documents and blueprints – with rapid distribution to all involved parties. Procore allows us to review, edit, approve, comment, and annotate plans and blueprints from anywhere. This functionality allows us to maintain version control, ensuring everyone on the project is seeing the latest and greatest documentation, designs, and specifications.


Precision Cleanrooms improves efficiency and profitability by gaining better visibility into the work being done in the field. We are able to mitigate and minimize the impact of delays and re-work by coordinating the tasks of all teams, utilizing real-time schedules and dynamic timeline management.


Procore gives the customer visibility into the entire project lifecycle, from project kickoff to commissioning, with live project tracking and real-time updates. We can now generate automatic status updates and reports, giving greater visibility into project health and ensuring each project is following plan. Having all project data at our hands allows us to quickly scope cleanroom expansions, performance improvements and maintenance.

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